FinishingThe Fude making process

10 “Kankomi” (Inserting a Fude head into a Fude handle)

“Kankomi” is a process of inserting the Fude head into a Fude handle. Fude handles are made of materials such as bamboo and cherry trees. The inside of a handle is smoothed away evenly so that a Fude head will be easily inserted into it. The handle is placed on the table, and while the Fude is rotated with hands, the Fude head is inserted into it.

11 Finishing

To ensure that the Fude lasts for a long time, glue is applied to the Fude. The glue is applied to the end of the Fude head with a pounding motion so that it will absorb the glue well. Any excess glue is removed by using a thread. A linen thread is wrapped around the Fude head and by turning the handle of the Fude, the excess glue gets squeezed out of the hair.

12 Engraving

After the Fude is naturally dried thoroughly, the signature of the each workshop is engraved on the Fude, and now the Fude is complete.