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Kumanofude select shop

More than 1,500 kinds Fude are always in stock for sale.

The site has a collection of Fude for sale from Kumano's 32 different companies with long history and tradition (23 calligraphy Fude makers, 3 Fude for painting makers, and 6 Fude for makeup makers) as well as original Fude made at our craft center. One thousand and five hundred Fude are always in stock for sale, and also special sales are held for the Fude from exhibition projects sponsored by the craft center. The Fude you are looking for is sure to be found somewhere in this store. If you don't find a Fude that fit to your liking, you can even order it custom-made.

Kumanofude select shop main store (Fudenosato Kobo)
Kumanofude select shop Hiroshima store (Hiroshima Station building ASSE 5F)
Kumanofude select shop Ginza store (TAU Hiroshima brand shop 2F GINZA TOKYO)

Kumanofude select shop
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